San Francisco Church

Iglesia San Francisco, Santiago, Chile.

San Francisco Church, Santiago, Chile.

Declared a National Monument in 1951, the San Francisco Church is the living testimony of Chilean history during the colonial period. Its construction features elements which have remained in the Chilean traditional architecture, such as tile-layered roofs, corridors and inner courtyards of the adjacent convent. It is the oldest church which Santiago preserves, and therefore, the one which has resisted most earthquakes and has had to be repaired on countless occasions. One of its greatest assets is the statue of the Virgin of Assistance, brought to Santiago by the Spaniard, Pedro de Valdivia on his colonization expedition. Its structure is based in a combination of three rows of hounds carved from thick wooden logs which decorate and give solidity to the construction, in addition to the thick stone walls of the central nave and beautiful coffers in carved wood which cover the temple and are part of the original construction where these colonial elements date from 1586. The tower of neoclassic style was introduced by Fermín Vivaceta in 1857. This construction was completed in 1618, and is the most important declaration of the arrival of the Franciscan order to the country, which was the second congregation to arrive after the Lady of Mercy’s religious order. It has a fascinating museum next door which preserves and exhibits the most important artistic colonial collection in Chile.

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